Our love for handmade Guitars...
...is expressed every day by going to the shop and working on those guitars!
Walking that well-known fifty feet brings a sense of calmness and purpose as I begin each day.

Whether it is planing a top or back to thickness, shaving top braces to "voice" a guitar top, tapping a mandolin top or back to achieve optimum resonance, setting frets as a guitar nears completion, all these steps lead to the most exciting day of all the day the instrument gets strung for the first time and begins its journey to finding its own voice as the multitude of components learn to work together over time.

Will this guitar be the one? Will it have that rare, elusive sound to "blow your socks off"?
Or do we begin another one to try again?

We are located in beautiful Nova Scotia, Canada - on request we also ship your handmade guitar to your place, please contact us!